Friday, July 30, 2010

What I want for my kitchen

Everytime I tune  my television in to HGTV channel, I can't help myself but to start rearranging my living room furniture. My living room underwent makeover starting from the ceilings to floorings early this summer. I am so impressed with my do-it-yourself job as well as my choice of home decors and furnishings that I can't wait to move on to my next project -- the kitchen!

Yes, my kitchen needs a makeover. I want something contemporary with a touch of industrial. My cabinetry needs refurnishing and new hardwares. Along with the change are tons of details such as a new and huge stainless steel kitchen sink with faucet and dispenser. The kitchen top is laminated, hence, I want it to be transformed to or replaced with granite or concrete. I have a picture of my dream kitchen in my mind that needs to be put on black and white.

My dream kitchen makeover won't be completed without putting in new stainless steel refrigerator, microwave oven, stainless steel oven and other small kitchen appliances and tools. One thing for sure when this dream of mind will push through, I will check out The e-store has a wide variety of products to offer for a shopper/decorator like me.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Roller coaster life

Over a decade ago, when my parents are fairly needing financial help, people including relatives despised us as their own. For them, we're nothing but a pure trash. My Aunts treated us as their maids watching over their kids and cleaning their mess for 10Php, a small amount of money for those big jobs for kids. Delicious foods were on their table and they would just let us watch 'em eating. There were so many heartbreaking instances that I opted not to disclose anymore. They could have offered compassion or just simply grasp the situation that my father, a former member of the Philippine army, fed six children and sent each kid to school then. Whatever was left after paying tons of bills and buying one's necessities is just a penny. Oh those days remind me of how cruel the world can be.

My parents sacrifices are paid off. We have a better life now than before. Daddy is now a retiree after  spending 30 years of his life in the service. He is now enjoying his fruit of labor with Mamang. My three brothers are in the military as well, not having that better life but at least surviving life. I and younger sister are married to non-Filipinos and living abroad but prior to that, promising careers were on our way before we met our husbands.  Only the youngest is staying at my parents house and will soon be graduating from college taking BSBiology. Mind you that we all went to different private schools that caused my parents an arm and leg.  Now, just imagine how much money were spent after each success in school. Just exclude me, younger sis and older brother for we went to college free of tuition fees.

The wheel does not stay in the same direction and guess what's happening now, those cruel people are living the life that we had before. They are asking  for money and groceries and my compassionate Mamang would just give in that quick. We are most recognized now. Tell you that my  Uncle  chats with us online and offers this and that. Gestures that did not exist before are so visible nowadays. What the heck! I guess they want something, it could be money.

I know it is a sin to condemn my relatives and those who gave us more hard times while were struggling but I can not help myself but to feel that way. You know how it feels to be ignored by families. All those years of disregards still hurt me. It could have been better if the moral support was there regardless of sufferings. If the treatment's fair enough.

On my trip to the Philippines this May, I am certain those people will be at my parents house asking for gifts and money. I can see it clearly. They act like that before when I was still working at a mining company and even went to my office to ask for money at that.  Oh life! Ain't that embarrassing?

Anyhow, I would love to end this post wishing all mothers a Happy Mother's Day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

My booking confirmation, please

April 7, I phoned Tierra Montana Hotel to book a room for the family's May vacation in General Santos City, Philippines. Please read my Time to book post for an overview. I was able to talk to an accommodating receptionist with the heads up that a room has been booked for me. She asked for my contact number, i.e. telephone number and e-mail address that she could send me the booking confirmation.

It's been almost three weeks since my phone call and the confirmation that I am waiting is not received, yet. I so wanna know if I really got that room and if the hotel made changes without my knowing.  Next week, I would call them again. A pain in my butt and would cost me an arm and leg because it is an international call. I have no choice but to keep trying as I want a room in that hotel, I meant so bad. It's clean and the amenities are awesome for less than $1,500 a night.

The hotel's e-mail address is not accessible. I meant my messages are not delivered to the recipient and have attempted for so many times. The only way of contacting them is through phone call or I guess I can send my sister there to give them a heads up that I am really interested and serious with my business to them and that I want my booking confirmation.

Hoping for the best next week.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Farewell, Chubby! You'll be missed for sure

Our poor Chubby.

Never I thought that I won't be seeing Chubby, the family's doggie, on my visit this May and never in the future. For thirteen years, he became our domestic sweetheart. He was the kind of dog that every master would want. Sweet, cutie especially when he was young, watched over the house and dad's fighting cocks every night or every single time that nobody's home, so fearless and had a mind like human. Everyone in the family loved and admired him for his unique qualities.

Monday, April 19th, I saw the pictures of him laying down on the ground tagged by my youngest sister on Facebook. I was thinking he died because of his age. Lately that I knew that someone intentionally killed him. He was poisoned by those selfish neighbors who want to steal my dad's fighting cocks. Chubby was fearless and would bark if he ain't familiar with the person/s and would bite if needed, so getting rid of him was their best way.

I couldn't compose myself when I learned about the news. My heart was not at ease and I'm starting to feel it again now that I am sharing here. I am also worried about my dad because he is so attached to Chubby. They are like bestfriends. I remember Chubby would shed tears everytime my dad leaves home for work and would keep on jumping when dad comes home from a month-long-work. I think dad is so angry 'til now. Just hope he won't catch anyone who did kill Chubby or they would end up in a wheelchair. My dad would sure beat their ass or even shot 'em with his gun if he can't control his temper.

Whew! I am really missing Chubby. I so wanna hug him right now but too late. My family in the Philippines - Dad, Mamang, older brother and youngest sister gave him a burial that he deserved. Chubby will always be the best doggie of the family.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Would you buy this set for a $1000

Recently, I came across an ad on Craiglist. I am always on that site, by the way, every hour if I'm home waiting and looking for a great deal on used or new furniture. So going back, I saw this ad from an insane advertiser/furniture owner. He/She is selling a set of used furniture for a thousand dollars. What? A thousand dollars for an ugly furniture with stains all over it? Now, tell me if you are going to buy this set.

I posted the picture on Facebook to seek the opinions of my friends... if they are going to make a move to purchase if they live close to me. Most of them answered....NO WAY! They are so right. Why buy used furniture for that price where you can get a brand new set for a lesser price? I even saw a brand new set for $600 with free delivery and free of tax. How about that? That's what we call great deal.

Used living room furniture for $1000. Wanna buy?

There is no way I am buying this. It's a pain in my pocket and more in my eyes. This set won't make a room appealing and warm.  It even looks like there are bed bugs or other bugs dwelling in the interior. I hope no one did bite that bait or he or she will end up itching.

 My search for living room furniture is not over yet. I'll keep watching for great deals. So I guess this ends my post.